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Actor denies cheating on his wife

2017-08-15 11:16
Mutodi Neshehe PHOTO: Lucky Nxumalo

ACTOR Mutodi Neshehe (42), best known for his portrayal of Ndalamo Mukwevho on Muvhango and Zola Radebe on Generations – The Legacy, has denied claims that he is having an affair with two young women. The actor vehemently denied even knowing them personally. 


The Soweto-born actor tells Move! that he is not cheating on his American wife, Leslee. The couple has been married for more than 13 years and they have two daughters. A Sunday newspaper reported that Mutodi was two-timing his wife. The report claims that late last year Leslee discovered that her husband was allegedly cheating on her and exchanging sexually suggestive messages with not only one young lover, but two. It goes on to claim that when Leslee found sexual messages between her husband and one of his young lovers, she got the shock of her life. When Move! spoke to Mutodi, he was only aware of one young woman. Even though he denies cheating on his wife saying, “Nothing of that sort happened”. He points out that it’s the young lady that was making advances on to him. “I have never met her ever. She was pursuing me,” he sternly says. 


When asked about the state of his marriage, the Harvest actor is reluctant about going into details even though he admitted in an interview with a weekly magazine that there was trouble in paradise.     He was quoted as saying, “I feel like I’m the only one fighting, but she’s giving up. It’s like this isn’t the person I married.” When we question him about what he said in that interview, he simply says, “People outgrow each other and I won’t go into details.” His star as an actor may be soaring, but his marriage seems to be sinking. Be that as it may, he has learnt that one should never lose themselves when they tie the knot. “You need to remember who you are,” he says.   


Despite what is happening in his life right now, the father of two says his daughters are his most precious treasure. “They are the most precious people in my life,” he says, adding being a father is one of the best things to ever happen to him. “You don’t have to have all the riches, but you just have to be there. I enjoy being with them. When I come home, they run up to me with excitement and that’s all I need,” he shares.