WATCH: Nomvelo Makhanya's emotional plea after being cyberbullied because of her head

2019-02-19 12:02
Nomvelo Makhanya (Photo:Instagram)
Nomvelo Makhanya (Photo:Instagram)

Cape Town - Barely a month after a drunk driver crashed into her car, actress Nomvelo Makhanya is facing yet another ordeal – being cyberbullied.

Taking to her Instagram Stories to express her pain, the Scandal! actress recorded an emotional video where she pleads with people to do better and be more kind after a meme that was meant to mock her head was created by social media users.

"Can we just do better. Can we be kind to each other. That is all I am asking," she began.

"It’s hard for me currently to even watch my own story line. Because I literally put in so much work into that store. But now it just seems as though my head is overlooking my work. You guys aren’t focused on my craft. You guys are just more focused on my physicality and my head. You guys are overlooking what the story is about,” she continued.

Many fans sympathised with the 22-year-old and some shared how they were also bullied while others apologised to the her and vowed to do better.


According to reports, the actress was diagnosed with bipolar disorder which also makes her suffer from anxiety and depression.

Speaking to Tshisalive about her depression last year, Nomvelo revealed that she was in a much better space.

"I am in a much better space. Some days are better than others, but I am doing better because I have learnt to make myself be present in the moment."

Watch Nomvelo’s heartbreaking video below: