Adè van Heerden gets real about body issues

2018-12-06 10:43
Adè van Heerden (Photo: Instagram/Adè van Heerden)

Johannesburg - Former Miss South Africa Adè van Heerden got real about the issues she faced in trying to maintain what she says others perceived as the "perfect" body shape. 

The star shared a throwback snap of herself in a bikini, writing: "There are a lot of side effects that come with being super lean that isn't talked about often enough." 

She listed some of the side effects she suffered, which included hair loss, loss of her period and social isolation. She explained: "I could never eat anything that I didn't prepare myself so I could never join friends for dinner at a restaurant."

Adè also says she suffered from orthorexia during this time, describing it as "complete obsession with 'clean eating'."

The beauty queen shared the post in hopes that it would encourage fans to be happy with their bodies. "The only thing we should be chasing is health, happiness and an abundance mindset," she added.