Aewon Wolf takes on Coke Studio

2016-10-07 10:42


Aewon Wolf (Photo: Supplied)

Johannesburg – It’s that time of the week again! Music fans can look forward to yet another fresh episode Coke Studio. This week, join rising star and Wolf Pack member, Aewon Wolf, who has two days to create a track with RAW artists, Jade McDonald and Young DLC. 

Tune in to see how the young EDM overcomes the challenge of making a pop song without compromising his own signature style. With a little help from in-house producer, Wilson, the result is a pop dance track that is sure to get any party started.  

Viewers can also look forward to another RAW fusion when fashionista and rapper, Bergie Fresh, gets together with funky vocalist, Lisa Good, and house producer, Massi, aka M2. 

Although things get off to a slow start, well-known hip hop producer, Sticky, provides the inspiration Massi needs to find an infectious and funky beat that the artists manage to mesh into a genius fusion of trap, house and pop. 

Don't miss out, tune into Coke Studio Saturdays at 18:05 on