Afrikaans singer talks about 'fan' attack

2016-11-28 13:53


Elvis se Seun
Elvis se Seun (Photo: Facebook)

Cape Town - Musician Stefan Ludik talked to The Juice about the 'fan' attack that happened on Saturday.

ICYMI: Elvis se Seun band member - Stefan Ludik - was left with a black eye after being punched in the face at a concert.

According to Stefan, he didn't know the perpetrator "from a bar of soap" and didn't even see him.

He didn't see or expect anything. "I had just finished signing the last CD when I turned around to go to the dressing room, to get ready for our second set. Something hit me from behind and I fell to the ground. I couldn't see anything and only realised later that someone had hit me, when two people carried me to the dressing room," he explained. 

"Nobody made any trouble while we were performing our first set. Everyone was in high spirits and there was a wonderful atmosphere. Everybody was dancing and buying CDs. It was totally out of the blue and such a shock to us, and the people who attended the concert.

"It was the first time something like this happened. People invite us because they want us there and we always give our best so that we get invited again. It's terrible that one guy ruined it for everyone."

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