AKA gives his opinion on nude Helen Zille, Mmusi Maimane painting

2016-07-29 11:03
Kenny Kunene (Photo: Twitter)

Johannesburg – Twitter has been going crazy since Thursday over a controversial painting bought by businessman Kenny Kunene. The artwork, which Kunene is said to have paid R300 000 for, depicts DA leaders Mmusi Maimane, Helen Zille, and James Selfe in the nude. 

On Thursday Kenny shared his purchase on his Twitter account, saying: "I am now a proud owner of this master piece. Powerful story telling through art… Thanks to the fearless Artist."

Many people were unhappy with the painting, calling Kenny out for supporting the artist who created it. But rapper AKA quickly jumped on board, calling Kenny’s decision freedom of speech. 

On his Instagram account the rapper wrote: "Freedom of speech is nice ne? …. Or is this a problem now? They want to drone on about Freedom of Speech when paintings like this are drawn about our own President. Their cartoonists and their “artists” they laugh. Let’s all laugh now together…. As South Africans."

Click here to view the NSFW artwork.