AKA: Never sharing another photo of my daughter again

2016-05-13 14:36


AKA - Twitter
AKA (Photo: Twitter)

Cape Town - Rapper AKA has decided not to post pics of baby Kairo on social media anymore. Even though we’re sad, is it really such a bad thing?  

Sigh. AKA once again made Twitter headlines. On Thursday the rapper and his daughter attended the Barney show at the Ticketpro Dome and shared a pic of their front row seats on Twitter

Twitter sleuths immediately got down to business, trying to find out who the reserved seat next to them belonged to. 

Turned out the open seat was for Kairo, and AKA did not like being grilled about his daughter or his parenting skills. “Never sharing another photo of my daughter again,” He responded on Twitter.

Even though we’re going to miss baby Kairo’s adorable face. AKA could have a point here. Is it safe for celebs to post pictures of their family on social media, or are they putting their children at risk of unnecessary abuse?

The New York Times recently published a piece about Beyonce’s new clothing line, which features four-year-old Blue Ivy in its commercials. The feature asks if sacrificing our kids’ privacy for profits, praise or even pride could be detrimental to their futures, or even potentially dangerous.

Okay, there’s no doubt in our mind that AKA will never put Kairo’s life in danger. And having a clothing line named after you (Yes, we’re talking about you, Blue Ivy) or having the internet on high-alert to find out who’s watching Barney with you, is probably just the consequences for having famous parents.

(Photo: Twitter)