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AKA not upset over Black Coffee's BET win

2016-06-27 14:06
AKA (Photo: Instagram)

Johannesburg – It came as no surprise when Black Coffee was announced as the winner in the "Best International Act: Africa" category at the 2016 BET Awards. The DJ has spent the last few years travelling the world, playing large festivals, and even hanging out with the likes of P. Diddy. 

Although many rejoiced in the news of Black Coffee’s win, it wasn’t long before people started taking aim at rapper AKA, who was nominated in the same category. 

After AKA walked away empty handed at the BET's, the hashtag #AKAwinanga (which first started trending when the star lost out at the 22nd Sama awards in June) made a reappearance, with many poking fun at him. 

The onslaught seemed to be intensified by the fact that AKA and Black Coffee don’t really get along. But AKA was having none of it – the rapper was shocked that people were focusing on his loss, when they should have been congratulating Black Coffee on his win. 


In another tweet, the he admitted to not getting along with Black Coffee, but added that he still respects the DJ. 

“Look, Black Coffee and I don’t really dig each other, BUT I RESPECT HIM & HIS ART. I acknowledge him for the pioneer he is.” 

Through it all AKA stood his ground, promising to keep waving the SA flag high.

“Regardless of how much my own people belittle me …. I will still rock that SA flag with pride on stage tonight … Always and forever!” 

With Cassper landing an interview on Sway, AKA performing on 106 and Park (“what could be considered, America’s Live Amp”, as he put it), and Black Coffee’s BET win, all beef aside, we definitely think SA has a lot to be proud of!