AKA responds to Julius Malema's 'druggies' comment

2016-08-18 12:29


AKA (Photo credit: Screencap, Instagram/akaworldwi
AKA (Photo: Instagram/akaworldwide)

Johannesburg – It seems the feud between AKA and EFF leader Julius Malema is far from over. 

After addressing the media at a press briefing on Wednesday, Julius Malema once again spoke about the ANC, this time taking aim at the celebrities backing the group. 

According to News24, Malema was quoted as saying, among other things, "We are not going to have a country run by druggies called celebrities. We are humiliating them now."

Although Julius didn’t name any particular celeb, AKA felt that the statement may have been aimed at him, taking to Twitter with the following: 

"If Julius was indeed referring to me, man what a day!! With everything on his plate, and he still has time to think of me?! I’m honored (sic)."

After going back and forth with Julius in a number of online feuds, AKA says he has now become immune to any names thrown his way.