Anga Makubalo joins Isidingo

2016-05-31 07:24


Anga Makubalo
Anga Makubalo (Photo: Instagram)

Cape Town - Yay! Local muso and TV star Anga Makubalo is joining the Isidingo squad. 

The Isidingo team have decided to fearlessly connect with the show's mining roots. This means they'll actually be going down the mine-shafts and experiencing just how Horizon Deep miners live on a day to day basis.

The dark and dangerous world of the underground will now come to life with the addition of some exciting, new, sexy faces to the cast.

Anga Makubalo who'll be playing the new kid on the block, Obakeng "Mlahlwa" Bhengu, will upon arriving in HD get a job on Sibeko Gold's Ultra Deep mine as a rock driller. He is your quintessential "rebel without a cause," brooding loner who has deep roots in the town, that not even he is aware of.

Oooh, we're so excited!