Angelique and Jacques Potgieter's little man turn 1!

2017-11-16 13:12
PHOTO: Instagram

It’s a party in the Potgieter household! Actress Angelique Gerber’s son, Jacques, has just turned one!

Angelique, who’s currently pregnant with twin daughters, shared a beautiful Instagram message for her son.

In it she writes: “Today you’re 1 year old! Mommy can’t believe it. My angel, you’re such an incredible boy and I can’t believe that the Lord could bless mommy with a boy like you!

“May the Lord keep you for many years and envelop you with His love,” writes Angelique. “Mom prays that you’ll always be this happy and that you’ll walk forever in God’s will.

“You’re mom and dad’s pride and words aren’t enough to describe our love for you. You came to teach mommy one thing – for the first time in my life, I understand how much Abba Father loves mommy too.

“Thank you, my love.”

Angelique has also recently shared the most beautiful photos of her and her family on Instagram. She and her rugby player husband, Jacques Potgieter, regularly share their family moments on social media.

“You really are the best person and of course the most beautiful person I know! Thank you for being such a good mom and woman! I have so much respect for you,” he recently captioned one of the photos of them with their little one.