Another Kyle and Shekhinah hit on the way

2016-09-13 12:17
Kyle Deutsch, Shekhinah (Photo: The Juice)

Johannesburg – After their hit single, Back To The Beach, reached gold status in 2015, Kyle Deutsch and Shekhinah will be joining forces once again to create another hit. 

Speaking to The Juice at 947’s Joburg Day, the duo recalled the success of their collaboration, with Shekhinah highlighting the single's gold status as one of her favourite moments. 

“Getting our 10 000 units, our little gold plaque, that was pretty cool,” she told us. While Kyle added that the award nominations stood out for him as well. 

Of course we had to know if they had plans of hitting the studio together any time soon. 

“Yes. Definitely. We don’t know how soon. It might come tonight, it might come tomorrow,” Shekhinah promised. 

Well, we definitely cannot wait to hear what they come up with.

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