Atandwa Kani on international movies and more

2017-09-13 10:26
PHOTO: Jan Right

He's the self-proclaimed prince of theatre – and now ATANDWA KANI  has his sights set on becoming movie royalty too! The son of local acting icon John Kani, who is currently based  in New York, recently returned to Mzansi for the launch of his new movie, Love by Chance. Atandwa (32) and Scandal! actress Altovise Lawrence (26)  play a pair of South African actors, Chance and Bailey, who fall in love while chasing their dreams of becoming stars in the US. Their relationship is threatened by fame and notoriety as they grow in the industry. “The film required a lot of hard work and introspection,” says Atandwa. His next big role is in Marvel’s Black Panther as the superhero’s dad in flashbacks  – a role his own father played in Captain America: Civil War. Atandwa tells us about his journey – and his new accent!

Why should people see this film?

Because I’m playing the lead in an international film. The film shows another side of South Africans, and the cast is filled with sexy actors.

How is Love by Chance different from other international films you’ve starred in?

Like my character Chance, I am no stranger to the struggle of trying to attain artistic attention

Where did your American accent come from?

I intend working as an actor in America so I was forced to learn the accent. I won’t be using it in South African productions, though!

What was it like working with international actors Terri J Vaughn and Carl Anthony Payne?

We saw each other as actors and as equals. 

What’s your favourite moment in the film?

I had a lot of fun when my character became consumed by fame and it all goes to his head. I had a moment to celebrate myself and be egotistical.

What was your worst moment?

When Chance and Bailey get into  a huge argument, and he tells her she’s wasting her time in America.  

What other projects are you working on?

I’ve just finished shooting Black Panther, which is out in 2018, and  I’m also working on a theatre production called Poison, which  will be showing in July.