Babes explains why she won't attend any award shows unless she wins a Sama

2017-05-21 18:00
Babes Wodumo
Babes Wodumo (Photo: Screengrab, YouTube)

Johannesburg- Even though pop starlet Babes Wodumo is delighted that she was nominated for a prestigious Black Entertainment Television (BET) award this week, she will still make good on an earlier threat.

On Friday, Babes reiterated her resolve that she would refuse to attend any awards show – anywhere in the world – if she didn’t win an SA Music Award (Sama) next week. Babes is up for a BET award in the Best International Act category.

“Nobody performs like me. I respect the stage and people can sense it,” she said on Friday.

“It hurts when someone who has put in less work than you wins. Riky [Rick] saw it; even [kwaito star] Professor said he wouldn’t attend again if I didn’t win.”

She’s not ungrateful for her nomination, though. “I’m happy to be nominated, as a woman among men, it’s an honour,” she said.

Currently, she is gearing up to drop a visual album, “just like Beyoncé”, she quipped. Babes is adamant that her contribution to the genre of qgom [the new kwaito] is significant.

“People once said qgom was too raw. I feel as though I have helped to soften this perception. People in Durban are not scared to make qgom music now, and MTV Base even has Gqom Fridays now,” she said.

Babes has won at least one award, though – a Kids’ Choice Award from Nickelodeon.

“It was nice. It means the kids love me. I see some look up to me. It’s amazing. I posted a video of this white kid who knew all the words to Wololo, every word,” she said.

The important thing to this Durban music sensation is the city of Durban that she loves, and also being able to provide for her family.

“As long as I can do that and my music remains cool, I’m not really bothered,” she said.

Here's how you vote for Babes at the BET Awards: