Babes Wodumo’s team accuses former manager of fraud and he claps back

2016-11-11 11:04
Babes Wodumo (Photo: Gallo)
Babes Wodumo (Photo: Gallo)

Cape Town - Babes Wodumo’s team at West Ink is accusing the star’s former manager - Victor Dlokolo - of fraud via a lengthy post on Instagram.

The message, which can be seen on Babes’ Instagram, says the following:

“West ink would like to apologise for any confusion experienced, there is a transition between old and new management hence some delays please bear with us. We are requesting proof of payment from people who have booked us , because the previous manager defrauded the company by channeling some of the money into his account instead of that of West ink. We also appeal to you to please use 081 306 1410 and not any other number for West ink's bookings as there is someone using our old number for bookings which is not legit. We apologise once again, thank you for your support and are looking forward to working with you.”

Here’s the post:

The Juice reached out to Victor and he stated the following:

“I am not saying that I wasn’t wrong, I was wrong but I was dealing with a set of challenges. I wasn't paid my full fee but only offered a portion of it. I (also) had to pay two people, that the person in charge at West Ink did not want to pay. I am thanking God that I am no longer there, it was nightmare for me…he (an unnamed person) doesn’t know what to do next… that’s why Babes’ album has stalled. I grew her from 20 followers to where she is now and I get no credit for what I have done. Not on Instagram or anywhere else. “

The Juice has contacted West Ink for further comment and they simply stated “no comment.”