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'Being a black producer is not easy,' says Shona Ferguson

2017-02-20 15:31


Shona Ferguson (Supplied)

Johannesburg – Although it may seem as though life is easy for actor and producer, Shona Ferguson, the star revealed it’s not always sunshine and daisies in his line of work. 

In a series of tweets, Shona explained some of the difficulties he faces as a black producer in SA. 

“Don’t focus on the flash and think it’s an easy ride. In fact it gets harder everyday. Being a BLACK PRODUCER is not easy,” he tweeted. 

In the posts that followed, Shona delved into some of the challenges he has faced because of his race, saying in one tweet, “All I ask is you give us the same respect you give the white producers.” 

“This is a very small industry. Be careful of how you treat people & how you behave. When u are out of work tomorrow just know it’s all on YOU..” he wrote in another tweet.