Big Brother star Lexi fires back at hater

2016-06-15 16:04


Lexi van Niekerk (Photo: Gallo Images)

Johannesburg – Former Big Brother Mzansi contestant Lexi, (real name, Brumilda van Niekerk) was quite the character when she entered the show in 2014. The reality star was known for getting up to no good in the Big Brother house, but now she wants haters to know that’s all in the past.

On Tuesday Lexi vented on her Twitter account, talking about an incident she had with a “hater” when she went over to a friend's place for supper. Seems everything was going fine, until she heard someone at the get-together mention something from her past. "As evening progresses. Fun times. Wine. Vodka. Somehow in the back some hidden hater (HH) blast the past constantly blah blah."

She then went on to explain what went down in a number of tweets. 

"Convos flow. Good times. This particular person starts blabbing about the PAST. Big Brother days. Remember those?! Fuck me…" 

In the rant, Lexi says the unnamed hater disliked her from the start. "From the get go I could tell this person hates me. She only “knows” me as Lexi from BBM. She was hoping I’d get crazy as on the show…"

Let’s hope no one else feels the need to bring up Lexi’s past again – the star says she’s had enough. "I’m tired of you spycho bitches acting crazy like this and provoking me to react the way pray on the days you wish you’d meet me. (sic)"