Big Nuz calls out IFP "False advert"

2016-07-28 15:25


Big Nuz (Photo: Gallo Images/Facebook)

Johannesburg – With election week just around the corner, political parties are pushing hard to score as many points with the public as possible before voters take to the polls on the 3rd of August. 

One way of reaching out to supporters is through celebrity endorsements. However, It’s usually more successful when the celeb in question knows about the tie between themselves and the political party. Unfortunately this was not the case for music group Big Nuz who shared a “false advert” on their Facebook page on Tuesday which promised a performance by the group at an IFP rally. 

But while Big Nuz have shut down rumours of their affiliation with the IFP’s rally, comedian Deep Fried Man is hoping to lend his name to another political party. 

The funny-man approached COPE on Tuesday offering to campaign on their behalf in a hilarious tweet. “The ANC has @akaworldwide so I’d like to offer to campaign for you. I know I’m no AKA but I may be the best you can afford. DM me,” he wrote.

AKA has been openly supporting the ANC since the beginning of their election campaign, saying that he does not do it because of the money (check that story out here).