Black Coffee hates being famous

2018-01-09 09:29
Black Coffee
Black Coffee (Photo:

YOU would think that someone who has over 1,6 million followers on Twitter would marvel at the idea of being on social media, but the opposite  is true for Black Coffee. The DJ, whose real name Nkosinathi Maphumulo, hates being famous and social media so much that he isn’t afraid to say it. He recently expressed his dislike for the social media platform, Twitter, saying it is the worst place to ever be on earth. Over the years, the DJ has been a victim of nasty comments about his hand.


Black Coffee shared his feelings about being on Twitter during the launch of his new body spray last week. He says, “If I was not Black Coffee, I would not be on Twitter. That is the worst place to be in the world. People think they can say whatever they want without considering other people’s feelings.”


The 41-year-old, who is also one of a handful of DJs who dabble on international stages, says being famous isn’t so easy. Simple pleasures of walking in the streets without being stopped for a picture or chat are a luxury. “I still struggle with the whole thing of fame. Growing up, no one really paid attention to you but now you can’t even walk freely in the streets of where you come from,” he says. Recently, not far from Zone 6 Venue in Soweto, an entertainment hub he partly owns, he could smell chicken from a food store nearby and wanted it so badly. “I really wanted the chicken but I could not go because I am Black Coffee,” he says. The Umtata-born star has rubbed shoulders with the likes of American music mogul Puff Daddy and songstress Cassie. He has even gotten offers to work with Rihanna and the legendary Jay-Z. He has managed to be influential in Europe too. “I have a problem when hearing words like ‘black excellence’, why must it have colour? I prefer just excellence because I don’t want to just inspire black people but people across different races,” he says.


Black Coffee explains that he is passionate about empowering other people. “My real calling is inspiring people and anything that carries a message of inspiration, I am game. My purpose in life is to inspire and give back,” he says. Black Coffee says South African men could do with some encouragement. Recently he was in Ibiza, Spain, for a festival and a young South African DJ, Kutloano “Da Kruk” Nhlapo got an opportunity to travel with him on the trip. He says Kutloano used the opportunity to get bookings overseas and that’s something he delights in – opening up the music industry for others.