Black Coffee recalls the accident that left his arm paralysed

2017-02-14 05:01


Black Coffee (Photo: Gallo)
Black Coffee (Photo: Gallo)

Johannesburg – On Saturday, renowned local DJ Black Coffee shared a post on Instagram remembering the day he was involved in an accident that resulted in the paralyses of his left arm. 

“11 Feb marks the day Nelson Mandela was released from Prison… it also marks the day God gave me a new lease in life after a car accident that changed my life while celebrating his release on the streets of Ngangelizwe,” he wrote. 

The DJ added that the day used to be “heavy” on him, saying that now he chooses to celebrate the day instead.

“In the past years this day used to be quite heavy on me… still does to some extent but looking back at how far I’ve come since then I can only be Grateful for how this day has shaped me to be the man I am… 27 years later I choose to celebrate this day.” 

Read Black Coffee’s full post below: