Black Coffee reflects on accident that left his arm paralysed

2020-02-11 22:50
DJ Black Coffee (PHOTO: Drum)
DJ Black Coffee (PHOTO: Drum)

Johannesburg – While South Africans are celebrating 30 years since Mandela was released from prison today, Black Coffee is also reflecting on the moment he was involved in an accident that left his arm paralysed. 

"30 years ago excatly at this hour I was in pain after an accident that took 2 lives while we were celebrating the release of this great human being Nelson Mandela from 27 years of prison (sic)," he captioned a newspaper snippet about Madiba's release.

The DJ added that music has helped his healing process. 

"Reflecting on the pain I have been and still going thru while on a journey of recovery learning to accept the new me while being selfless about God's plans with me. I understand why HE gave me Music,to heal me 1st before it even gets to you. I'm great full for every not and every melody. I will continue to follow HIS lead (sic)."