Black Coffee talks about being robbed: It was like a movie

2017-03-17 10:01


Black Coffee (Photo: Instagram)

Johannesburg – In January Black Coffee shared snaps on social media, telling followers that he had been robbed. According to the DJ, his car window had been smashed and his watch taken. 

Going into detail about the robbery that left him shaken, Black Coffee told East Coast Radio presenter, Phat Joe, that the incident, which happened a day before his wedding, felt like a scene from a movie. 

“I went to the mall, because the wedding was in Sun City, so before leaving for Sun City on Saturday I thought let me just go grab a couple of things before I go.” 

On his way home the star says he decided to stop at a petrol station to make a purchase. 

“I didn’t get out the car cause I was still on the phone, then some guy just came to the window and he knocked, like please lower your window. At first I thought it was one of those guys who ask for money, but his body language was different, and I though maybe it’s somebody who wants a picture but I was on the phone so I told the guy, ‘I’m on the phone’. He just backed up a little bit, he was carrying a four pound hammer. He just backed up a little bit and he smashed the window, it was like a movie,” he explained. 

After the incident Black Coffee says he became extremely paranoid. “I went straight to my Instagram and started deleting pictures of my kids. I just felt like this is something I never thought would happen to me in my country.” 

Listen to the interview here