'Blesser' Serge Cabonge hands out $100 bills after TV interview

2018-08-03 13:15
Serge Cabonge
Serge Cabonge (Photo: Instagram/Serge Cabonge)

Johannesburg – Well-known local “blesser” Serge Cabonge showed the Morning Live team how he rolls on Friday when he handed the crew approximately $1000 in cash after an interview on the show.  

Presenter Leanne Manas shared news of the surprising event on Twitter, showing pics of the $100 bills that crew member received.  

“After our interview with #Blesser Serge Cabonge – he proceeded to open his LV bag and hand out $100 bills to crew. Approximately $1000 just like that,” she wrote.  

In another post the star confirmed that no money had been handed to her. “He knows better than to even try that with me,” she wrote.  

“Not promoting this behavior – I am appalled by it,” she added in a separate tweet.