Bobby van Jaarsveld's kids traumatised after smash and grab

2016-10-06 12:48


bobby van jaarsveld
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Cape Town - Singer Bobby van Jaarsveld's sons are still "extremely shocked" following a smash grab, while driving with their aunt, Cara Brink, on Monday.

Bobby took to Facebook on Monday saying that his sister, Cara Brink, experienced a smash and grab while his two sons were in the car. He went on to say that everyone was "okay" but his kids, Leben, 3, and Sion, 4, were still in shock.

According to reports, Bobby's manager and mother, Ronel Brink, told Huisgenoot that Cara was in the area of Fonteine-sirkel in Brooklyn in Pretoria, when the suspect shattered her car's window while she was in traffic.

There was a car in front and at the back of her, and she was unable to drive away. "The suspect struggled to break the window, and all they could do was sit in the car while it was happening," she told the publication. 

On Tuesday, Bobby, confirmed to Huisgenoot that his kids were doing "fine." But he is definitely taking his two sons for counselling. According to Huisgenoot, Bobby said that the ordeal has been worse for his younger son, Leben. "Leben is very afraid now, and he doesn't trust anyone. But it's been tough on everyone."

Ek en my 2 laaities by die see. Oomblikke soos die is wat ek altyd sal onthou. #thatsmyboys #ProudDad #Grace

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