Boity on her new range: I wanted to create something authentic and real

2016-09-27 20:00


Boity, Supplied
Boity, Supplied

Johannesburg – After announcing her partnership with fashion brand Sissy Boy, TV personality Boity Thulo hosted a glamorous event for friends and family in Johannesburg to help celebrate her achievement. 

“I think the one thing I wanted to do was to be honest in the designs. One thing I wanted to capture in the capsules were authenticity and garments that fit the female body the way it should,” Boity said, speaking about her collection with the brand. 

The star says she kept in mind, not only what she would like, but what her followers would enjoy too. 

“I felt like I would bring that different kind of taste. The taste that I know my followers would love. The taste that I know works for my body, like you said, the real body. I really hope and pray I got it right.” 

High waist jeans and bodysuits... BEST COMBO! ?????? #BXSB #BoityxSissyBoy #OwnYourThrone??

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Another important factor for her was creating fashion items that would remain relevant for a while. 

“That’s the thing I wanted to capture as well was comfort, authenticity and timelessness. Because I want to buy garments that I can wear over and over again.” 

Speaking about her favourite piece in the collection, Boity says her #OwnYourThrone phrase takes the cake. 

“My favourite piece, to be whole-heartedly honest, is the 'own your throne' shirt. Because that’s what I started my year with.” 

Fans who cannot get enough of this partnership need not worry, there’s still loads to come.   

“The collaboration is for three years,” Boity announced to the crowd.