Bokang Montjane on why she let go of her weave

2016-09-01 12:39


Bokang Montjane (Photo: Instagram)

Johannesburg – Tensions were high on Monday when students at Pretoria Girls High School set out on a march to protest alleged acts of racism at the school. 

Many students spoke out against the school's code of conduct which reportedly instructed pupils to straighten their natural hair. 

Since then dozens of celebrities have come out in support of the students in their fight to wear their natural hair without being reprimanded for it. 

Former Miss South Africa, Bokang Montjane, was so touched by the movement that she ended up sharing her own story on why she no longer wears a weave. 

“I took the weave off because I no longer wanted to apologise for who I am,” she wrote on her Instagram account. 

“I am black, I am proud of it, I have no shame in the colour of my skin, I have no shame in my crown… I am a beautiful brown skinned girl… I am Bokang Ramaredi Mohlapa Montjane Tshabalala” she added.