Bonang and AKA ‘playing games’

2017-02-19 09:57
Bonang Matheba and AKA (Photo Supplied)

Johannesburg - The break-up of Bonang Matheba and Kiernan “AKA” Forbes may be a publicity stunt, a close friend to the two revealed yesterday.

On Friday, AKA announced on Twitter that he was “sad to announce that myself and @bonang_m have broken up. We tried guys.”

The source told City Press: “They both need each other to stay relevant. But at the same time they are toxic for each other. It’s like Bobby (Brown) and Whitney Houston’s toxic relationship — it’s exactly like that.”

AKA and Bonang could not be reached on their phones yesterday to respond to questions.

AKA also tweeted another message which warned his followers not to love a woman more than she loves them.

However, yesterday the rapper tweeted “Ya so what. Couples fight. Get over it. Life goes on.”

AKA tweeted to her, saying “I’m just a bit crazy & intense ... I’m sorry baby. We good.”

The source said “AKA is very controlling. Matheba is not allowed to communicate with anybody sitting around them, especially when they are at events together.

"She has lost people that were close to her because of him. It’s all about him,” the source said.