Bonang: Coping, crying and surviving breakups

2016-06-21 14:22


Bonang Matheba
Bonang Matheba (Photo: Gallo)

Cape Town - Bonang talks about being bullied and the absolute worst heartache she ever experienced, in the July issue of Marie Claire

She admits that if the last six months had happened to her six years ago, she would have been broken. She is referring to the online shaming she has experienced, as well as her relationship with Euphonik

"I have gone through the worst pain: an ex-boyfriend having a child with someone else during our relationship. Being beaten. Being cheated on. Being embarrassed on social media numerous times. Everything you can imagine and then some."

But now the star, is clearly happier than ever. On dating rapper, AKA, she says that he treats her like gold. At the time of the cover shoot, the couple had just returned from a getaway in Mauritius. 

As an emotional outlet, Queen B takes her frustration out in the boxing ring. "I box three times a week for an hour at a time. It's a stress reliever." 

No matter what life has thrown at her, Bonang has remained positive, focused, hard-working and motivated. 

We can't wait to wee what's next for South Africa's golden girl!