Bonang defends her bae

2016-08-17 15:55
Bonang Matheba and AKA (Instagram)

Johannesburg – Social media went crazy on Friday when a Minnie Dlamini posted a video of her giving her mom a brand new car. Not long after, rapper AKA did the same, buying his mother a BMW as well (check that out here). 

And while most of the comments were positive, there were some people who were not too happy about AKA and Minnie making their gifts to their moms public knowledge. 

One Twitter user wrote, “Why can’t these celebs do things for their parents without flaunting their gesture on social media! ‘Mom Im gna get u a car, act surprised’.” 

But AKA’s bae, Bonang Matheba, was quick to come to his defence saying, “Why can’t people do what they want with they’re own data and money?!”