Bonang: If you're gonna conquer the African continent, do it through fashion

2016-05-18 15:42
Bonang Matheba (Photo: Instagram)

Johannesburg – When she's not away on baecation, Bonang is hard at work, taking over the world.

In an interview with Pulse Nigeria, Bonang spoke about how a close friend from Nigeria gave her the name, Adebimpe. “It basically just means the crown is complete,” she explained, referring to how everyone in SA calls her the queen of the entertainment industry. “So it’s a perfect fit, I guess.” 

Fashion Killer 

B* also spoke about her killer fashion sense, saying that she learned to dress well from her mother and aunts, who she describes as "very well put together".

From a young age Bonang was taught to slay every day, mentioning a very important value that her mom had instilled I her, “Whenever you step out of the house you never know who you’re gonna meet. You might meet your future husband or your sworn enemy. You must just make sure that you look the part.”

It’s no secret that she has a fondness for Gert-Johan Coetzee designs, and the presenter did not shy away from complimenting her industry friend, saying that he has “mastered the art of creating the Bonang silhouette”.   

Taking over Africa

Watch out Africa, Queen B* is gunning for you, and she’s using fashion as her ammunition. “Fashion is a language we all understand. If you’re gonna conquer the African continent, what better way? If you’re not gonna do it through music, or football, then do it through fashion.”

It’s just a matter of time before the rest of the world is bowing down to the Queen!