Want to be in Bonang Matheba's most inner-circle? Get ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement!

2019-03-19 11:43
Bonang Matheba (PHOTO: Getty Images/Gallo Images)
Bonang Matheba (PHOTO: Getty Images/Gallo Images)

Johannesburg - TV personality Bonang Matheba made her first ever on-air appearance on the Fresh Breakfast show on Metro FM on Tuesday morning and spoke candidly about trust, making those around her sign non-disclosure agreements, cyberbullies, and her BNG champagne brand.

This is the first time Queen B has been back on radio after her shocking exit in 2017.

Speaking on DJ Fresh’s show, Bonang talked about forgiveness regarding her friendship with Somizi and how she now appreciates peace in her life.

"I’m a peaceful person. I have a lot of peace within myself and a lot of the turmoil that happens is not caused by me," she said.

"And I find that when you’re a peace with yourself, you’re at peace with the world and the older you grow, the more you appreciate time, you appreciate love and the things that are a little more important and that’s where I think I am."

When asked by Somizi if she still has an issue with trusting those around her, Bonang said she does not trust anyone and has learnt her lesson from previous experiences. She explained that she now makes everyone around her sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to protect herself.

Bonang also touched on her history with cyber-bullies and if she would give them a second chance by unblocking them.

"There is something that has to be said to somebody that stops their time to say something negative about you… that says a lot about the human being that you are, you can change but I don’t want to figure out whether you have changed or not," she said.

She added that "it hurts every time" when she is being cyber bullied because she is also human, but the pain can either end there, or "you decide to carry the pain along with you and I don’t have that mentality".

On Monday the 31-year-old launched her brand of her own luxury beverage, a brand of méthode cap classique sparkling wine called House of BNG.

In a recent interview with DRUM, Bonang revealed that she "coined the term, ‘Champagne darling’" and then decided to give people her very own brand of champagne.

"Everyone knows I’m the champagne queen and that it makes me happy. I wanted to share that with people all over the world. I’ve given my heart and soul in a bottle," she explained.

She expounded on this in her Metro FM interview.

"I wanted it to be a quality product, it has been a two- and half-year process, to make sure that everything is perfect and comes out perfectly."

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