Bouncing with Khanyi Mbau

2017-11-19 08:55
Charming host Khanyi Mbau. (Photo supplied)

Cape Town - Never underestimate the workout you get from jumping up and down on a taut spring-reinforced bouncy mat.

Bounce in Fourways, together with Slimatone wellness product makers, put a few media people, Slimatone ambassador Khanyi Mbau and media personality Thickleeyonce through a bounce workout challenge this week.

We gathered at Fourways Mall at 10:00, guided by a hot Stefan Steenkamp, who is an aspiring Olympian.

Steenkamp is hella mean on a trampoline and he took us through how to play dodgeball on the trampolines. That was really fun, but it was only the warm-up. Thereafter, the group moved to another section of the facility where the real workout started.

Steenkamp, who is also a South African 3m springboard champion (oh my gosh that man’s body!), took us through the different workout moves on the bouncy mats. Moves such as the basic forward lunge, press-ups and squats were given a new gravitational perspective – well, at least for me.

I found that moves normally performed on solid ground were more challenging when performed on the trampolines. One would think “No duh”, but hey, when I think of trampolines, fun is the word that comes to mind, not challenge.

Even Slimatone ambassador Mbau was put to the challenge, but I must say the woman is a sport and is hot. Slimatone took this opportunity to present their new protein powder, which will be hitting stores soon.

The product representatives wanted to find out what the group thought of their newbie. Eish, the crew was not sold.

I had an issue with the watery consistency of the shake, but the director of Hampton Pharmaceuticals – the producers of Slimatone – Vin Pillay explained that the product is made watery so that it easily goes down and is easily absorbed by the body. One could always add fruit to give it a thicker consistency.

Nevertheless, the event was worthwhile.

Honestly, I never thought that I could get a full-on, real sweaty and sore muscle workout on a trampoline.