Bubu’s in a good space

2017-12-06 15:46
Bubu Mazibuko (Instagram)

WHILE other celebrities are separating or divorcing, the gorgeous Bubu Mazibuko is having the time of her life. She tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend in 2016 and says even though marriage is no walk in the park, she loves being married.


Bubu and her husband, Langa Masina, have known each other for 19 years and have become best friends over the years, something that has kept them together despite challenges. “He is my best friend. We practically grew up together and had our fair share of disagreements. We had many years to really know each other and there were many ups and downs,” says the former Yizo Yizo actress. “Being married is fun because nothing has changed in our lives. The only thing that has changed is the surname on the papers but I still use my maiden surname for business purposes. I genuinely enjoy hanging out with him. I am at my happiest when I am with him,” she says gushing and adding, “If we had gotten married when we were younger, we wouldn’t be where we are now because we would be trying to figure ourselves out. But now we have grown up and understand each other very well.” Looking back at the mistakes she’s made, she says, “When you are happy with yourself you are able to love other people as well. I have made mistakes and those should not determine my personality. And I also refuse to live life with regrets. I’m sure there are bad choices I have made in the past, but I have moved on. For me what is done is done; next time I will do things differently.”


After two years of marriage, Bubu says she would like to experience being a mother one day. “I want to have kids and if it doesn’t happen I’ll understand because I know it would be God’s will.  I would like to experience caring for a child. I quite like the idea of having a mini me,” says Bubu. Bubu, who has been in the entertainment industry for more than a decade, says she doesn’t feel like she has done enough in her career. “I haven’t even started with my career and I don’t think I ever will be done. There are so many people I want to work with and so many things I would like to do; I’m always trying to achieve something,” she says.     


She is currently working on a film, Zulu Wedding, that will be released in February next year. She says her work speaks for itself, hence people come and approach her to work with them. “Zulu Wedding was a short film about love and was previously called My Zulu Promise. I was asked to be in the remake which now has international cast,” shares Bubu. “It’s really fun and people will enjoy the film and see a bit of themselves it in.”