Carl Wastie and Zoë Brown give us the scoop on KFM’s new drivetime show

2017-06-26 16:00
Carl Wastie, Zoë Brown
Carl Wastie, Zoë Brown (Photo: Supplied)

Cape Town – It was announced in May of this year that Cape Town based radio station, KFM would be shaking up their line-up with lots of changes. 

Darren Simpson will be taking over the breakfast show and Carl Wastie will take listeners home on his drivetime show from 16:00 to 19:00. 

Wastie will be in his new slot soon – starting on Monday, 3 July – so The Juice asked him and traffic presenter Zoë Brown to give us the inside scoop on their new gigs.

ICYMI: Wastie joined KFM in 2016 and along with this new drive time role will also host a regional chart show on Saturdays. 
Zoë Brown has been appointed as the traffic presenter for the Afternoon Drive Show . Zoë is no stranger to KFM  – she’s been a freelance presenter on KFM since 2014, hosting various shows including Saturday 14:00 – 18:00.   
Here's our chat with Zoë: 

Can you tell us more about your role as part of the drive time team?

I’ll be doing the traffic reports on KFM 94.5 in the afternoons, ensuring our listeners are informed every step of the way. 

How will your social media profile support your on-air presentations?

Our listeners are our eyes and ears on the street. I love the Whatsapp line, people tend to be very descriptive when they see things they want to report. It’s a wonderful way to include our listeners on their drive home. 

Channeling my inner 1950s today at the @OfficialSunMet! Broadcasting 2-6pm on KFM ??

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Do you enjoy being in front of the camera? Or is radio your first love?

Radio has always been my longest love, having started off in radio first before joining TV. I’m most excited to be primetime TV in the mornings as well as primetime radio in the afternoons.

I can finally share the awesome news... I'll be on KFM's Afternoon Drive show with Carl Wastie come July!

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Carl enjoys doing some accents during the show and has a sharp sense of humour, can you tell us more about your on-air chemistry?

Chemistry is something that cannot be forced, and we have a great connection between the two of us. Carl is such a natural at what he does, he will definitely have us all (myself included) in stitches. Every. Day. 
Here's our chat with Carl:

You are moving to afternoon drive from your 13:00- 16:00 slot. Are you excited about this new on-air role?

I'm very excited, because it’s such an awesome progression for me. In the 13:00- 16:00 slot I was getting the listener over the lunch slump and making time fly faster till the clock off, now I get to be part of the drive home. 

From #Instastories ... #studio #vibes #ilovemyjob #radio

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What are your plans for your new show?

I'm a Psychology major so I've been doing some research while sitting in traffic and watching bumper to bumper driver behaviour and I've noted a few things: People want lekker company who can add lightness to the diesel fumes on the roads, they want to feel like they're not missing out on key info while the taxi cuts them off and more importantly, they want music that makes them feel like it is Friday, everyday. Added to that, lots of humour and a show that people are welcomed to own, be a part of and drive.
How will the show be different to your current slot?

Expect the difference in the innovation. The way we do things on radio will change. I have team members now and they are committed to being creative and are driven to entertain. The passion I have for the listener is the same, but the show will be a 180...180 minutes and a 180 degree turnaround on any bad day.
Are you looking forward to having Zoe as a new member of the team?

Zoe and I are Expresso friends so we are going to have an awesome time constructing this show from the ground up. I think she is brilliant and honestly, this show is going to bring out a side of her that you've never heard before. Stay tuned. (laughs).
Has anything ever gone wrong on air? And what did you do to turn things around?

You will be surprised how often something goes wrong on any given radio show. Sometimes I want to throw away all the chairs in studio out because I think on my feet so often. Small story that happened recently, I had the boys from ALT EGO in studio and one of them accidentally switched their mic on so the world heard our convo during a song...When I came back after the song, I just told the listener that I wanted them to get an audio behind the scenes listen as to how radio works (laughs).
We heard you’re into movies, what film have you seen lately that you loved?

I love Movies! I recently watched Transformers: The Last Knight and I thought it was a visual festival of mind blowing CGI and "no-mind needed" action. Loved it. 

The full drive team will include Zoë, Carl, Kelly Pearce (producer) on the show, Natalie Malgas and Petrus Botha (on Eyewitness News).

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