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Cassper Nyovest to fan: Find another role model

2018-07-05 12:46
PIC: Cassper Nyovest Instagram

Cape Town - Local rapper Cassper Nyovest works hard for his money, and doesn't mind showing it off.

After posting a photo on Twitter showing off his expensive luxury cars, a fan called out the 27-year old rapper for "bragging about material stuff." 

He wrote: "I'm disappointed in Cassper.  You used to be my inspiration. I guess it's just a another failure from those we call role models. (sic)"

The K'sazoba Lit hit-maker, who recently cracked the Forbes Africa Under 30 list, responded, saying: "Find another role model my dude. I am going to flex for as long as I work hard (sic)."

He then went on to compare his "flexing" to gym rats who like to show off their bodies: "They put in the work in the gym, then they were tight clothes or thong vests so they can show their bodies. I'm just like them. (sic)"

Fans immediately jumped to Cassper's defense, with one saying: "I wish everyone could just appreciate the man the way he is. He is a revelation to our generation and we should be protecting him instead of shaming him. (sic)"