Cassper unapologetic after Twitter backlash at him "wishing he was from Nigeria"

2019-07-30 12:36

Cape Town - Rapper Cassper Nyovest found himself on the wrong side of Twitter on Tuesday morning after tweeting that he wished he "was from Nigeria" because he felt he would get more support there.

Following a long discussion about the South African music industry with fellow muso Zakes Bantwini, the rapper responded to a fan from Nigeria, who said he wished Cassper was from there.

And Cassper’s response was what got him to the top of the trends list.

"Won't even lie. I wish I was from Nigeria too." He wrote.

"The love they have for their own artists, the way they celebrate their culture, 90% local content on radio and TV, there way they celebrate their music no matter where they are in the world, the unity within their industry. A DREAM!" tweeted Cassper.

He wrote: "You cannot disown your own people and in the next breath want to LEAD them. Somebody had to say something. Unfortunately or fortunately (depends on how you look at it) ... somehow it must always be me. Goodnight. My work is done here on this stupid app nxaaa."

He also added that none of his fans were offended by what he said and proceeded to promote his upcoming Fill Up concert.

"None of my fans were offended. They know exactly what i said,meant, intended. Yatla Satane! Anyway, Fill Up 2019 loading and guess what's gonna happen? Another Sold Out affair. Might just dropped the date and venue today even!!! Get to work ASAP!!! Ya'll ready ? PLEASE RT"