Celebs have their say on skin bleaching and lightening

2017-09-07 13:15
PHOTO: thando_thabethe/Instagram

We know of some celebrities who have bleached their skin and are happy with themselves but do you ever wonder what other celebs think or have to say on the matter?

Well, speaking to DRUM magazine on the matter some celebs expressed their true feelings on skin bleaching.

Celeste Ntuli says that she doesn’t think that it is necessary “in fact it’s stupid” she said. “The minute you try to alter yourself, it says you don’t love yourself. I have crooked teeth, I’m very dark skinned and I’m okay with that. I still get TV roles. White people would never change themselves to be black. To even discuss this sort of thing is embarrassing for us black people. Just love yourself.”

Thando Thabethe doesn’t recall a time where being light skinned ever worked for her benefit. “A person should not be judged according to their skin tone but should be rated according to the work they put in. People should be the best versions of themselves.”

Bridget Masinga is happy with the way she was created and would never undergo skin bleaching. “I don’t judge anyone though- to each his own. Those who are not happy with the way they look and wish to change it are allowed to do so.”

Fiesta Black is completely against it and would rather be darker. “Yellow bones are praised, overrated and are considered more appealing, which is not necessarily the case. Somehow lighter-skinned women seem to have it easier in life. People need to do what will make them happy, but it becomes a problem when you stop being recognisable.”