Chris Brown pulls an AKA and smashes fan's phone in Kenya

2016-10-11 11:42


Chris Brown. (Photo: Supplied)

Johannesburg – Remember that time when AKA was accused of damaging a fan's phone after they took a snap of Bonang without his permission? (If you don’t, check it out here). 

Well, it seems international R&B star Chris Brown has taken a page out of the local rapper's book. 

News spread in Mombasa, Kenya, after Brown was accused of smashing a fan's phone upon arrival in the city. 

Explaining what happened in an interview with Capital FM Kenya, the owner of the phone says she was excited to take a selfie with Chris as he arrived, but the singer was not having it. 

Moving to plan B, she decided to take a picture with the star in the background. According to the woman, Chris then took her phone and got into his car, and threw it out of the vehicle before driving off. 

“I think he noticed I wanted to take a selfie with him and he grabbed my phone, and that’s when he threw it,” she told the publication. 

Watch the full clip below: