Church hits back at 'Prophet of Doom'

2016-11-29 09:35


Mount Zion General Assembly (Photo: screengrab, Fa
Mount Zion General Assembly (Photo: screengrab, Facebook)

Cape Town - Senior Pastor Mosoana Derick from Faith Chapel SA sends a warning of "false prophets" to the people of Mzansi. 

"Last week social media was in a frenzy about a church leader who uses Doom to heal his congregants. This is not the first horrific incident on vulnerable citizens, who will go to the extreme just to ease their daily frustration," says the Pastor. 

ICYMI: A Limpopo prophet made headlines for spraying his congregants with Doom.  

"Citizens needs to be cautioned about the foretold coming of false prophets who will do incomparable miracles just to dilute the pure gospel of Christ and mislead believers," he goes on to say.

"Any other methodology that seeks to humiliate and to the threaten your health should be interpreted as nothing but the good work of the devil and nothing else. Pastors must refrain from using their anointing to abuse followers just to prove their ability and to increase members."

Pastor Mosoana Derick also pointed out the absence of regulations regarding religious practices in South Africa. "This is why we call on government to speed up the process of regulating church formations, practices, finances and leadership recognition."

"Pastors should lead the war against any religious abuse without fear and or favour. Churches must remain a place of worship and not a circus of its kind. Celebrity Pastors must come out and say 'Not in our name,' unless if they condone such inhuman act of the devil masquerading as holy," he says.  

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