Clint Brink airs his opinion on the local acting industry

2017-02-02 11:14


Clint Brink. (Photo: Instagram/Clint Brink)

Johannesburg – Clint Brink did not hold back while airing his opinion on the local acting scene on Twitter on Tuesday. 

The star started a chain of tweets addressing issues in the industry he has been a part of for nearly two decades. 

“Over acting is still seen as good acting in SA… generally speaking… subtlety and nuance are dynamics even many director don’t understand,” his first tweet read. 

The actor also expressed his opinion on people who try acting when their original career choices don't work out. 

“No one says “I think I’ll try out civil engineering and see if it grabs me”.. but anyone who can’t make it in their profession “tries acting”. 

Delving into the darker side of the entertainment industry Clint wrote, “We have producers promising young actresses work in return for sex... we have producers picking the amount of coloured people allowed per show.” 

“I’m disappointed that there are so many people willing to turn a blind eye to the state of our industry and not have the balls to speak up,” he added.