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Culture with a tarnished essence

2017-12-17 09:31
MUFASA: Cassper Nyovest won six awards at the event. (Photo supplied)

Johannesburg - Street culture was sort of celebrated at the SA Hip-Hop Awards at The Lyric theatre in Gold Reef City, with Nina Hastie and veteran producer and rapper Amu as the hosts.

The finest local hip-hop stars were dressed a little more appropriately than in past years, although there were a few tailored suits in the mix.

After a disappointing hour-long delay, the proceedings got under way.

Unfortunately, the evening was peppered with disrespectful comments from the audience and artists. For example, one fan asked why Hastie was hosting when she had done nothing for hip-hop but buy sneakers and use a black accent to deliver punch lines. Ouch!

An honourary achievement award was given to legends DJ Bionic and DJ Blaze. Amu, Mr Selwyn and Shugasmakx presented the award after the trio were called “dinosaurs of hip-hop” by the announcer, much to their chagrin.

They were joined by Pro Kid, a man who gave vernacular rap in the country a blueprint to follow, which moved many people.

Le Club, formed by DJs Bionic and Blaze, was an institution of the streets where some of the most popular rappers in local history were first given a platform.

While DJ Blaze didn’t personally receive the award, DJ Bionic shared his story of the beginning of the rap movement in Johannesburg.

When he was about to share how hip-hop saved his life, the young children who know nothing about the man began to heckle him. “We don’t give a sh*t,” they rudely yelled.

He left the stage promising to put his speech on Instagram for those who do care.

What an honour that must have been.

Stogie T was scheduled to perform, but chose not to in protest because the young riff-raff in the audience had spat at DJ Blaze and DJ Bionic’s contribution to rap.

He tried to explain how those days had contributed to the fortunes of the likes of Cassper Nyovest and Riky Rick. For some reason, Cassper and Riky took offence or misunderstood the point.

The night belonged to Cassper, who walked away with six awards and the room erupted with chants of Mufasa, referring to the Lion King caricature. Upon receiving his last award for the night, Cassper said: “Yo, Tumi, you ain’t did sh*t for me, bro!”

Stogie T returned to his seat in the theatre, where he was booed right out the door while protesting that Le Club had done so much for the rappers in general.

Youngsta CPT opened up the performances with his hits Yasis and Wes-Kaap. He deservedly walked away with the lyricist of the year award, and dedicated it to everyone in the slums and ghettos of South Africa.

Shane Eagle won the best freshman/newcomer award, and Rouge won the best female award.

Accolades to kings of provinces were also handed out. The powers that be pick a person who has been contributing the most in an area and they are rewarded for their efforts. These winners were also not given time to speak – they just collected the awards and walked off the stage with no applause.

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