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Danilo Acquisto opens up about dealing with anxiety

2017-10-30 18:00
Danilo Acquisto (Photo: Instagram/Danilo Acquisto)

Johannesburg – TV presenter Danilo Acquisto spoke openly about his struggle with anxiety on Monday. 

In an Instagram post the star wrote about the disorder and what it took for him to overcome it. 

“Anxiety runs in my family. That overwhelming sense that somehow somewhere along the line something isn’t right and it was your fault all along… that knot in your belly that says you’re going to be found out and it’s all going to fall apart, (sic)” he started the message, adding that it was his faith that helped him through those difficult times. 

“So if you suffer. You are not alone. You are loved and are made for greatness ok? Keep your head up and your heart strong. Hold your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground. You’ve got this!” he encouraged fans. 

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