'Date My Family': Even though Nkanyiso did not find a match with Neliswa, he found love with her friend

2019-06-03 12:58
Neliswa Mntungwa, Nkanyiso Magoso
Neliswa Mntungwa, Nkanyiso Magoso (Photo: Supplied)

Cape Town - We find out what happened between Nkanyiso and Neliswa after the Date My Family cameras stopped rolling. 

34-year-old Nkanyiso Magoso, who described himself as a "compromising man who loves to travel", went searching for love on reality TV dating show Date My Family on Sunday.

On the show, he explained that his ideal woman is someone who is "ambitious," and who could be his "best friend."

After meeting with the family members and friends of three potential love interest, Nkanyiso chose to take 30-year-old postgraduate student Neliswa Mntungwa on a date. 

Unfortunately, Nkanyiso and Neliswa did not hit it off on their date, butting heads on almost every topic of discussion. And it quickly became clear that the couple would not be going on a second date.

Despite not finding a romantic connection on the show, Neliswa told Channel24 that it was a "fun an interesting" experience.  She says that she did not expect all the public attention after the episode aired, some being negative and some positive.

"My first impression was that we are not compatible, and that played out during the date," she says when talking about Nkanyiso. 

About the date, she says: "It was awkward in person. I have a very dominating personality, and he was not receptive to that. He got very irritated when I spoke about things that I don't like. And it very quickly became apparent that we were going to clash, and it wasn't going to work."

Even though things did not work out, Neliswa says that she is still open to finding love, but will "chill" for a now, and focus on her studies, child and business.  

She adds that she is not entirely closed off to the idea of reality TV dating in the future.

Speaking to Channel24 Nkanyiso called the experience "stressful" because he didn't know what to expect, and even though he didn't watch the episode on Sunday, his friends told him that it was "100."

Nkanyiso then went on to tell Channel24 that he is currently dating one of Neliswa's friends. But did not want to elaborate more on who the new woman in his life is.

About how it all came about he said after the dismal date with Neliswa, a group of people went out for drinks, and Neliswa's friend came along. 

"She said that even though her friend [Neliswa] wasn't into me, she was, and then one thing led to another. We have been dating for three to four months," he explains.  

According to Nkanyiso, the new couple told Neliswa about their relationship, and she was "fine" with it. 

When asked by Channel24 to comment on the relationship, Neliswa was shocked, and said: "I know he ended up with one of my friends that same evening, but I never knew they pursued a relationship."

"If they found love that's great, but maybe to openly tell me would've been polite," she says.