Date My Family's Sphephelo: 'Even though it didn't work out with Thando, I still made the perfect choice'

2019-05-27 11:42
Sphephelo Zulu
Sphephelo Zulu (Photo: Suppllied)

Cape Town - Channel24 caught up with Date My Family bachelor Sphephelo Zulu about his experience looking for love on TV.

After going on three dates with his potential partner's families, the hospitality student from Durban chose to take 22-year-old musician Thando Nkomo out on a dinner date.

Despite his concerns about Thando having "too many" guy friends, and her career in the spotlight, he thought that out of all three families; Thando's represented her the best. 

Right off the bat, Sphephelo failed to make a good impression on viewers, with many criticising his casual outfit choices, and his motives for being on the show.

About the reaction on Twitter, he said: "It started off really bad, and I wanted to delete Twitter. But it got better afterwards." 

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Unfortunately, Sphephelo did not form a lasting love relationship with Thando, despite asking her on a second date.

"Thando is more focussed on her career right now. Even on the day of the concert, she had a gig booked. I didn't want to go alone, so I gave the tickets away." 

Even though it didn't work out this time around, Sphephelo said it was a "fun and great experience" and he is still on the quest for life. 

"I haven't found the perfect girl. But now people are coming up to me, wanting to take a picture and arrange dates for me, But right now I am also focused on my career," he adds.  

"Even though it didn't work out with Thando, I still made the perfect choice."

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