Derick Hougaard: The time is right again to share my heart

2017-08-10 13:31
Derick Hougaard
Derick Hougaard (Photo: Gallo)

Cape Town – Former Blue Bulls rugby player and ex-husband of Karlien van Jaarsveld, Derick Hougaard has written a long and very open post on Facebook about what he believes and where he is in his life.

In the post which was uploaded on Wednesday, 9 August the motivational speaker said in part: “The time is right again to share my heart” and “I have a big issue with people that only have advice and opinions, but the way they live their lives is not n splitting image of what they preach (sic).”

ICYMI: Reports have speculated that Derick is currently dating Afrikaans singer Nadine, but neither local celeb have confirmed their alleged romance. The father-of-two split from wife of two years, Karlien van Jaarsveld in 2015.

See Derick’s full Facebook post here:

"Loooong time no writing. Been writing in the quiet between four walls. Which with out a doubt the safest option. Where people can't make their own assumptions. But feel the time is right again to share my heart and questions with all. And hopefully help only one soul to know he is not alone.

Admiration we all have for successful people. Business people and even more for professional athletes. They all play such a big part of our society and even more on the mood of our country. But this is where my mind explode. They get praise,and deservedly so. But we right them up. Just with the feeling in the back of our minds To right them of again. South Africa need Heroes. Especially with what is playing off in the government. Our kids are growing up with excuses. And that will be their default always. And we as leaders creating a weak society. Our youth needs us to celebrate the greats, so they can be inspired to reach the same top of achievements. But the job is not done. Then we must empower them to have the tools to get to where they want to be. The dream of a kid is the most powerful thing. And hopefully we will never take that away from them. Because of politic driven hidden agendas. Then the most interesting part of that journey, people love comeback stories. Because they can relate and have seen the person on his peak. And now he is down and out. And if he makes it back to the light. That is inspirational. So they feel they can also do it. Worst of all. These Gladiators only get celebrating the day they die.?With tears and so many beautiful testimonies. But why not while they are still alive.
Have you ever thought about it. How can Angus Buchen get 700 000 people together in Bloem from all edges of the country. Answer simple. Because people are so desperate for hope, or n break trough. Going to uncle Anchus men get togethers ,it gives you juice to carry on and for the 3 weeks there after their wife's talk about how great their husbands are after coming back from Bloemfontein. Another 4 weeks he is back to his old ways. Why? Because the excitement and high is gone. And your onus to keep fueling your tank with Gods juice. He can't do it for us.

We live a life of Dogma. Meaning that we are living other people's lives. And never becoming the greatest person you can be. Never being true to your self or authentic. Best version of yourself.

I have a big issue with people that only have advice and opinions,but the way they live their lives is not n splitting image of what they preach. I you can become half the man Jesus was with no opinion only if you have been through it yourself. Then sympathy becomes empathy. And you can add value. Life is short and you can't afford to drop the ball to much.
Dream. Play Big. Don't hold back.

Please don't let the graveyard be the most wealthiest place on earth. Because 80% of people go and die with their dreams. Have regrets YES. But dust yourself off and work your way back.
To end strong is much more important than to start fast.
To be Continued.

Liefde Derick"