Die Antwoord's Ninja shades young SA creatives

2016-06-09 16:21
Ninja from Die Antwoord. (Photo: Gallo Images)

Johannesburg – South African group, Die Antwoord have been known to speak their minds, no matter how controversial what they have to say may seem. Whether through their music, or through their social media accounts, members Ninja and Yolandi Visser usually don’t hold back when they’ve got something to get off their chest.  

On Wednesday, Ninja took to his Instagram account to share his thoughts on his fellow South Africans.

The rapper started by describing what South Africa is to him. “South Africa is a strange place. It’s wild and beautiful and dangerous and fucked up and violent and wonderful and mysterious and so many different things. My country has a very rich, kind of unexplainable spirit or however you want to call it.”

As much love as he showed for SA, he mentioned how he had one question in the back of his mind since deciding to follow a rap career at the age of 14: “How the fuck am I going to make it out of South Africa?”

Getting to the crux of his message, Ninja explained that even though young South African’s have the cool factor down, they usually don’t have what it takes to remain relevant. “ALOT of people over the age of 20 (or so) are culturally insecure and unable to present anything artistically that is relevant to the outside world.”

He notes that some artists do try but, “their shit just circles around internally for a while and then dies out.”

All is not lost though, as the opinionated rapper points out that there are some South Africans like Charlize Theron, Trevor Noah, and Nelson Mandela who have made a name for themselves worldwide.

“I may be forgetting a person or two, but when South Africans get their shit together and blow up, they don’t fuck around.”