Dineo Ranaka’s PR agency drops her after dress drama

2016-07-25 13:49


Dineo Ranaka (Supplied)

Cape Town - Dineo Ranaka's PR agency has decided to part ways with the TV star, following recent social media controversy.  

ICYMI Last week a social media storm hit TV personality, Dineo Ranaka, when she responded to a student asking for help with a matric farewell dress. She replied to the request with: "A matric dance should be the VERY least of your stresses." (You can read the full story here)

Twitter was not happy, but despite the negative situation, celebs like Sizwe Dhlomo and Lerato Kganyago, offered to help out the student, Dimpho Mnisi.

On Saturday, Dineo slept over at Dimpho's home, and the following morning posted a video on Instagram with the girl, her friends and family.

In the video, Dineo introduces everyone and explains that they have a "great plan" for the day. She goes on to say that they are going to get something to eat, talk a bit more and that she will be meeting with everyone's parents.

In a second video, Dimpho takes centre stage and says that even tough the situation garnered some negative publicity, she has been "blessed". Dineo added that she was happy to meet Dimpho but still wasn't buying her a dress. 

Beyond the hashtag. #MissMnisisDiary

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Despite Dineo's best intentions, her PR agency unfortunately did not share the same sentiment. "We have therefore decided to retract ourselves as Miss Dineo Ranaka's representatives and we wish her all the best," Ndabezinhle PR & Communications wrote in an official statement. 

Part of the statement reads as follow:

"As a PR company, it is our job to protect and create a good image for our clients, however, with this particular situation, there was no crisis management plan in place as the client did not want to apologise. Miss Ranaka has now officially apologised to the Mnisi family. Her intentions were never to harm or make a mockery of the family as she has dreams of teaching the nation and will continue to do so. She has however declined the option of issuing a public apology."

You can read the full statement here: