DJ Black Coffee: Slow down on black-on-black jealousy

2016-05-04 15:03
DJ Black Coffee (Instagram)

Cape Town – DJ Black Coffee has something to get off his chest, we’re just not sure exactly what it is. 

Black Coffee took to Instagram on Wednesday to write what he’s calling, “#NotAnOpenLetter”. The DJ, who recently killed it at Coachella (read more on that here) started the message by encouraging fans to follow their dreams, saying, “Anything you want in life you can have....I mean anything.....just know there's a price it all depends on your willingness to pay the price...”

The article then goes on to highlight some of the sacrifices the music icon has made in his career, including flying economy class to save on cash.

It then takes a turn as the DJ encourages people to stop black-on-black jealousy, adding that we should “slow down on the 'turn up' and the 'slayage' and 'levels'…” in order to be more successful.

It looks like an open letter. It sounds like an open letter. But apparently, it’s not an open letter. Check it below and decide for yourself. 

Anything you want in life you can have....I mean anything.....just know there's a price it all depends on your willingness to pay the price...all the prices come in different forms and sizes.....I'm sitting in a bus after playing 3 shows in different cities going by train in im going from Nagoya City to Kansai Airport to take a flight to Hong Kong and then to Jhb (economy class) (my choice) so I can have more revenue at the end of the tour...and this is nothing compared to the biggest price which is spending so many days away from my kids.....missing some of the most important moments...We live in a Society where most kids support their parents where I'm from.....most of us dream of buying houses and cars for our Parents before we think of ourselves....some of us even feel guilty for wanting anything for ourselves because the previous Government System robbed the generations before us of so much....that has passed now....opportunities are there....but most of us are so afraid to be Great...because for so long our Parents and Grandparents were told they are how do we expect them to tell us the world is our is now up to us to change all this.....reverse the for Greatness...create a foundation for our kids so when they grow up they never have to look after us....and this will require us not to be Avarage,1st slow down on black on black jealousy....slow down on the "turn up" and the "slayage" and "levels".....we need to go all in....explore all avenues....It is up to our Generation to change things so we don't have to blame anyone..... #thisisnotanopenletter #endblacktax #reversethesystem #endblacktax #endblackguilt #pleatotrueliberation #letsrollupoursleeves #Letsallbegreat #imnotahustler #imanartist #imafather #nothingbutloveformypeople ????

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