Dj Bongz is a happily married man

2018-01-18 12:41
DJ Bongz. (Photo: Facebook/DJ Bongz)

BONGANI Dlamini, popularly known as DJ Bongz, is now a married man. Bongz and his wife, Sphelele Nene, celebrated their traditional wedding in a private function at Bongz’s hometown Kwandengezi, KwaZulu-Natal. The ceremony was attended by family and friends from Mabala Noise Entertainment. Bongz admits that this has always been what he wanted to do since he met his beautiful wife.


Bongz says marriage is something that comes through God. He adds that it is not something that a person can just wake up and do; it’s just a matter of time and willingness. “I believe that it was time. It was not something I thought of overnight but I knew she was the person I was going to marry one day. “We had being seeing each other for about two years when I made the decision to marry her. She brought life in me, and I’m thankful for her support," he explains. He says he has been through a lot and his wife has always been there to support him. “She supported me not only in my career but with other personal matters. There were hardships that I came across but my wife was there to support and guide me in each and every decision. For that, I’m thankful to God,” he shares.


The DJ says there have been a lot of changes since he got married. “Being a DJ takes a lot of time from you but I now know that after work, there is a family waiting for me at home,” says Bongz. He also shares that he has two sons with his wife but they are not ready yet to expose them to the media. “I'm not the same person anymore because of my wife. I put my family first before I make decisions.  I put effort in everything I do to make sure my family is well taken care of,” says the DJ.


Bongz also shares with Move! that the year before last year was a good year for him, with good business deals in music and his hit singles. “I'm a family man now and my focus is on them but also I want to keep my fans happy at all times. I also want to focus on my music production company.”

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