DJ Zinhle: I did things I am not proud of

2016-08-31 14:02


DJ Zinhle (Photo Instagram)

Cape Town - In her latest bog post, DJ Zinhle reflects on the past and shares advice for getting through tough times. 

She admits that there were times things were so hard she didn't think she would be able to get through it.

"I have made many mistakes and did things I am not proud of because of pain but I do not sit here today beating myself up about those things," she wrote. 

She continued, "I have prayed and asked for forgiveness. I have also forgiven myself. Forgiving yourself means you are no longer going to bring up past events and bash yourself over them. It is in the past, pray for those you've hurt, even if they hurt you more and forgive them and yourself."

She shared the following advice, "I know you might want to escape reality because it hurts but it's better to face it head on." And the best way to do this is to free your mind of negative thoughts she explained. 

Zinhle frees her mind of negative thoughts by asking herself the following questions: 

What am I grateful for?
What do I absolutely love about myself?
What makes me proud to be me?
What am I looking forward to?
What are my goals for myself emotionally?